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AD-INSERTcage nut

Clamp nuts (cage nuts) M3-M12 series, with high strength thread fastening effect, with special tool to put it into the square hole or rectangular hole in advance, draw back tool to make it fixed on the metal or other plate. Fast installation, convenient, removable repositioning, can also tilt positioning. It is the first choice of fastener for railway, vehicle, electrical box, electrical cabinet, mold and other industries. It can be used with crown screws to humanize the cabinet panel. It is professionally manufactured and can be customized according to customer requirements.

The specific configuration of clamp nuts is as follows (you can choose according to your need)

1: shell 65MN galvanized, nut galvanized    Article No.  ...... 110
2: shell stainless steel, nut galvanized       Article No.   ...... 120
3: shell stainless steel, nut stainless steel     Article No.   ..... 130

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