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HARD LOCK self-locking nuts (Japan)

HARD-LOCK products have reliable and excellent anti-loosening performance, and easy to install, can be reused (dozens of times), because of less need for maintenance and inspection, and low operating cost, so can meet the requirements of all customers.

HL and HLB series anti-loose locking nuts deeply for all customers to the satisfaction of reliable seismic performance, not only in China's high-speed rail EMU, Japan Shinkansen, but also in the world, enjoy a good reputation. This series of products are made according to the wedge action principle. The performance of each product greatly exceeds the requirements of the NAS3350 and 3354 vibration and shock tests.

Advantages of HARD LOCK nut
1. No base is required
2. Can be used repeatedly, the performance is not reduced
3. You only need a wrench to install.

Features of HARD LOCK nut
1) The anti-loosening effect is very good, semi-permanent (basically no changes due to the number of years of the environment)
2) The middle position of male thread can also be completely tightened. (The position adjustment can be easily done with a wrench.)
3) It can be reused. (Because it is made of all metal, there is little wear)
4) Simple and good operability. (Much better than regular double nuts)
5) Provide an economic advantage. (Overall cost also has many advantages.)

Fastening principle
Screw the concave nut on the screw until the concave part of the concentric cone meets the eccentric cone of the convex nut. The middle nut can be fixed by the base or by a wrench without the base. Create a tightening torque between two nuts. Through the protruding of the eccentric cone of the middle convex nut, not only the vertical fastening force (up and down the thread) is formed, but also the horizontal fastening force is formed by the eccentric cone protruding. The central nut is pulled into the screw thread in one direction and the concave nut is pulled in the opposite direction. The stability of HARDLOCK nut is guaranteed by 3 fastening forces.

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