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ANDI-LOCK load limiting type of constant filling fluid coupling

The essence of ANDI-LOCK limiting hydraulic coupling is the combination of centrifugal pump and turbine. It is mainly composed of input shaft, pump wheel, turbine, shell, auxiliary chamber and safety protection device. One end of the input shaft is connected with the power machine, and the other end is connected with the pump machine. One end of the output shaft is connected to the turbine and the other end is connected to the working machine. The pump wheel is symmetrically arranged with the turbine, and a certain number of blades are arranged inside the wheel. The shell is fixedly connected with the pump wheel to form a sealing cavity, and the cavity is filled with working liquid to transfer power. As the prime mover, through the input shaft driven pump rotates, filling in the lumen of the work liquid by the effect of eccentricity and wheel blade by the radius of the smaller pump impeller entrance is accelerated pressure into the radius of the larger pump wheel exports, at the same time liquid of moment of momentum to generate incremental coupling pump impeller liquid the input mechanical energy into kinetic energy. When the working liquid carrying the liquid kinetic energy rushes to the opposite turbine from the outlet of the pump wheel, the liquid flow will flow centripetal along the flow channel formed by the turbine blade. Meanwhile, the liquid kinetic energy will be released and converted into mechanical energy to drive the turbine rotation and drive the load to do work. In this way, the working liquid in the working chamber repeatedly do spiral circulation motion, so that the output and input in the absence of any direct mechanical connection, only by the liquid kinetic energy is flexibly connected together.

Functional Features

Functions: It has the functions of light load starting, overload protection, impact mitigation, vibration and torsional isolation, balanced drive coordination, flexible braking and energy saving.

1. The motor starts approximately without load, the starting time and starting current are reduced, and the impact on the power grid is reduced.

2. The peak moment of the motor can be used to start, improve the starting ability of the motor, avoid the "big horse trolley", and reduce at least one motor frame size compared with the rigid transmission.

3. Affordable squirrel-cage motors can be used to replace expensive winding motors.

4, can protect the motor and the working machine in overload from damage, reduce the failure rate, extend the service life.

5, the starting torque of the working machine can be controlled, and it can start and accelerate the large inertia heavy load machinery very smoothly.

6, flexible transmission, can slow the impact and isolate torsional vibration.

7, in the multi-motor drive, the power machine can be started in sequence, balanced load, synchronous operation.

8, no wear transmission, except bearing, oil seal without any direct mechanical friction.

9, use, repair, maintenance is simple, low maintenance cost, long service life.

10. Low price, less investment, high energy saving efficiency, energy saving rate up to 8-15%.

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