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KATO tangless threaded inserts (Japan)


KATO tailless threaded insert is a new type of screw sleeve products developed on the basis of ordinary thread insert. KATO tailless threaded insert overcomes the disadvantages of traditional  ones mounting handle and low installation efficiency, the slotting part of traditional screw sleeve mounting handle can not be controlled accurately, resulting in the tail is not easy to break or too easy to break, the tail end is easy to protruded when the handle is removed, affecting the screw screw into,Seriously affect product quality, tail removal is not easy to clean up, easy to cause retention, heavy will affect the quality of the entire product.

Advantages ofKATO  tangless threaded inserts

As the world's advanced threaded inserts without mounting handle, KATO tailless theaded insert has many advantages, the most important is easy to install, no direction, convenient installation, save the ordinary tail steel wire screw sleeve remove the cumbersome link of the installation handle, save time, improve efficiency.

KATO tailless wire screw sleeve installation tools complete, including pneumatic, electric tools, batch installation of supporting tool bracket, suitable for mass installation use, to improve the work efficiency is very helpful.

Installation method of KATO tailless threaded inserts

1. Put the insert over the top of the tool's axis (there is no direction requirement, they are two-way)

2. Adjust the insert to the right screw hole, unscrew the hand tool (electric tool), it can automatically install and exit the installation tool, and then you can install the screw).Exit the tool and install the screws.

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