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KVT sealing plug (Switzerland)

KVT Sealing plugs, the KVT group's products and engineering solutions are excellent for fast and reliable sealing and fluid control applications. Suitable for all kinds of materials, all kinds of extreme pressures and loads. KOENIG KOENIG EXPANDER® series plugs have become the benchmark for seals in the automotive and hydraulic industries and are now widely used in a wide range of industries, especially in categories of vehicle flow and precision instruments. It is an excellent sealing solution for engines, gearboxes, transmission components, suspension systems, braking systems, steering units and nozzle pumps. Thanks to the diversity of the existing KOENIG EXPANDERS® range of plugs and the ability to customise and develop them, Kaivedi is able to cater to a wide range of applications. Provides the ideal sealing scheme. Also excelling is Cavetti KOENIG RESTRICTOR® series Restrictor, a safe and effective fluid control product that is flight-resistant and easily replaceable. 

SFC KoenigThe expansion sealing plug works according to the principle of pressure expansion. When the steel ball is pressed to the bottom of the sleeve, the steel ball causes radial expansion of a section of the sleeve, and the axial stress is transformed into radial expansion effect of the sleeve. At this point, the sharp teeth formed by the annular groove around the sleeve are forced into the surrounding workpiece material, creating an effective high-pressure leak-free seal. The component is widely used to plug excess fluid outlet of hydraulic and pneumatic components (valve banks, cylinders or cylinders, etc.). Ball type high pressure plug can replace: steel ball plug, conical screw plug, welding pin plug and screw plug with gasket and other comprehensive plug. The sealing of deep hole can show its superiority especially. In steel, nodular cast iron, gray cast iron, copper and medium and high strength aluminum alloy materials on the workpiece can be obtained effective high-pressure leak free seal.

Expansion sealing plug, when the installation tool will locate the sleeve in the hole, at the same time to pull the mandrel, the sleeve force expansion, the mandrel is broken at the predetermined force point. The sealing of the workpiece is completed by forcing the sharp teeth formed by the annular groove on the outer edge of the sleeve into the surrounding workpiece material.

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