ANDI-LOCK permanent magnet coupler

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ANDI-LOCK permanent magnet coupler

Ermanent magnet coupler is a device that realizes torque transmission from the motor to the load through the air gap between the conductor and the permanent magnet. It can realize the transmission mode without mechanical connection between the motor and the load. The working principle is that when the two are in relative motion, the conductor component cuts the magnetic force line and generates eddy current in the conductor. The eddy current then generates an objectionable magnetic field and interacts with the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnet, thus achieving torque transfer between the two.

1. High efficiency and energy saving, the energy saving rate can reach 5%-50%.
2. Flexible start, reduce the impact current of the motor, prolong the service life of the equipment.
3. Vibration isolation, no mechanical connection.

4.Maintenance-free -- Bearing free, no need to add oil or grease.

5. Simple structure, maintenance-free, no vulnerable and consumable parts, can adapt to harsh environment environment;
6. Simple installation, tolerance of large installation alignment error.
7. Small volume, easy installation, no need to change the system foundation.
8. No external power supply, no Norwave pollution.

9. Efficient torque transmission, allowing impact load.

10. Long service life, continuous operation for a long time.

11.Overload protection function, overload protection after interference can be automatically reset.

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