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ANDI-LOCK speed regulating hydraulic coupling

Speed regulating hydraulic coupling is a liquid coupling device which transfers power and realizes stepless speed regulation. Speed regulating hydraulic coupler is widely used in all kinds of fans and pumps.

Speed regulating hydraulic coupling is a liquid as the medium to transfer power and achieve stepless speed regulation of the hydraulic transmission device, the hydraulic coupling is mainly composed of the input shaft connected with the pump wheel, the output shaft connected with the turbine and the turbine contained in the rotating shell. The cavity sealed by a speed-controlled hydraulic coupling is filled with working oil, and the pump wheel and turbine are arranged symmetrically with the same flow geometry. Work to decorate in the straight blade, round blade when prime mover drive pump wheel rotation, work under the action of oil in the pump impeller blade by the medial to the outer edge blade flow, forming the exit of high-speed centrifugal pumps high pressure fluid flow, the flow entering the turbine, turbine blades, turns the turbine and pump wheel direction, work in the turbine oil flows from outside to inside in the process of slow decompression, then Flow back to the inlet of the pump wheel, where the medium of energy transfer is the working oil, the function of the pump wheel is to transfer the mechanical energy of the prime mover to the driven machinery

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