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ANDI-LOCK washers pretighten bolt connections by tension rather than friction. It is a high quality product with a track record of successful application in various industries.

ANDI-LOCK washers are rigorously inspected and approved by independent and certifying bodies. ANDI-LOCK washers are used in numerous industries such as: energy, transportation, marine, mining and quarrying, construction and bridge construction, manufacturing, processing, shipbuilding, forestry and agriculture, heavy vehicles, and military. ANDI-LOCK washers  have passed several industry standards and are designated for use by many international companies. Over the life of the operation, ANDI-LOCK washers  increase operational reliability and reduce maintenance costs while significantly reducing the risk of downtime, accidents and warranties.

If you wish to do real-world testing and evaluate ANDI-LOCK washers for your application, please contact us 0411-86858458